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Moving Services Phoenix AZ for Real Estate Agents

In addition to our local moving ability, Moving Services Phoenix AZ offers moving assistance to residential and commercial clients of real estate companies. If you are moving in Phoenix, Arizona, with the help of an agent or firm, we are happy to work with them in order to develop moving services that benefit you most.

This helpful service provides support in all areas of the often-stressful moving process, especially when dealing with recent property acquisitions. We are able to collaborate moving times, resources, locations, and all other aspects of the transit process with your real estate agent to develop a strong relationship and improve communicability and quality between all parties involved.

Our rate remains constant at $79 per hour for a 2-man moving crew. There are no minimum hours, miscellaneous charges for holidays, or limited distance of travel.


We coordinate our process to suit the needs of agents or their clients, as timing can be a very important factor in your business structure. Whether you are trying to establish your initial business location or are attempting to expand your firm with a real estate service, we expedite the process locally with less of a burden on your shoulders. This includes loading and unloading your belongings from rental trucks, U-Haul trucks, semis, and any moving trucks.

Property protection is a central aspect of our moving process, so we provide shrink-wrapping procedures to specified items, including larger objects such as furniture. Moreover, we take the extra step in securing your valuables by including blanket wrapping as extra cushion for all belongings that need to be moved. You can rest easy knowing your possessions are in good hands.

Pay just $79 per hour for a 2-man moving crew.

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