Furniture Wrapping

Furniture Wrapping Services near Phoenix, AZ

To make sure our system is effective and takes every aspect of the moving process into consideration, Emergency Family Movers takes the necessary precautions when moving furniture to ensure that your possessions travel safely to your new location throughout Phoenix, Arizona, or the surrounding areas.

Our rate remains constant at $79 per hour for a 2-man moving crew. There are no minimum hours, miscellaneous charges for holidays, or limited distance of travel.


At Moving Services Phoenix AZ, we treat our means of pickup and delivery with the utmost seriousness as they facilitate how well our business can transport everything you own for your domestic and commercial needs. All belongings we move are blanket wrapped to better safeguard their structure and protect them during the move. In addition to furniture wrapping, we offer to shrink-wrap products in transit to improve the safety processes revolving around your items.

Taking every possible precaution reduces any liability related to the transportation of your property, and it eases your stress. If any assembly and/or disassembly are required, we can manage the breakdown and setup procedures before and after moving. With years of hands-on experience, we have learned that you can never be too careful when it comes to keeping your belongings safe and secure.

Pay just $79 per hour for a 2-man moving crew.

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